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Wii Love Golf, sorry I mean We Love Golf is the latest Wii Golfing game that hit the shelves in Japan middle of this festive month of December. Created by Camelot and published by Capcom, the game seems to be a mix of Mario golf cartoon characters and the more serious but disappointingly Tiger Woods PGA 07/08.

According to IGN:

We Love Golf is a golf game where you use the Wiimote as a virtual golf club. Okay, so that’s not much of a surprise. We were pleasantly surprised by the feel of the controls, though. The game does a good job of accurately capturing your swings. Like the best waggle-ready titles, it gets you to assume a proper golfer’s stance even though you could probably get away with playing while seated.

The basic swing mechanics are so simple that you’ll be able to quickly turn off the god-awful annoying animated Wiimote navigator (his name is Mr. Remote Control, and he likes to abuse the Wiimote’s built in speaker). To take a swing, you hold down A and swing the Wiimote just like a golf club. You can also hold down the 1 and 2 buttons while pressing A to get, respectively, topspin and backspin; this button choice actually works well because your right thumb ends up in that very position. By angling the Wiimote left or right you can force draw or fade shots.

Again being the Golfing simulation purist that I am, I wonder if this feels like an actual golf swing. From my gut feel after looking at the last video below, I think Camelot might have understood the mechanism better than the makers of Tiger Woods. The graphical display interface and feedback of your positioning and power of your golf swing is very clear and just fantastic. I think Camelot did a good job in translating the different issues of the golf swing into the Wii’s gaming environment. Even though the cartoon type characters and environment don’t’ really appeal to me, it is sure to appeal to a wider audience. Regardless, I am looking forward to it when it gets a world wide release.

Check out the rest of the IGN preview here.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the game, do enjoy the Japanese Trailer first and then a video on game play after.

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