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Wii Golfing with Tiger Woods: 27/June/07

I though it will also be cool to share with others on my adventures playing EA’s Tiger Woods PGA 07, and how I will eventually hope to win the PGA tour and perhaps get my single handicap as well.

Game Statistics
PGA Games: 0
PGA Ranking: 0
Tiger Challenge: Level 6
Current Sponsors: EA ($300)

Just like in real golf you have good days and bad ones. I have been playing against Tsunami Moto and been performing dismally. Its only the first few games in the Tiger Challenge and its not been going well. I can’t seem to be able to do much good and am always hitting the ball so that it fades to the left. Just like my real golf swing I have trouble hitting it straight.

Interestingly enough in this virtual golf game, certain things like power and ball striking is determined by your character’s skill upgrades. So after 4 tries against Moto (and finally beating him) and some skill upgrades, the ball was finally going the distances that I estimate it does. Unlike Tiger, there is still no “going for it” though, and am avoiding hitting over hazards.

The next day and eager for more golf, I tackled the Ice queen (the next player after Moto), and beat her in the first go! I suppose skill upgrades are important. After the game I found out that I could upgrade my fairway woods, irons, wedges and putter! Duh, I have been just focusing on my drivers and did not realise that if you hit the “B” button on the Wii remote it jumps to the next club category. Well with my remaining cash, I bought a Ping Eye Level 4 Irons set and a EA Level 3 wedge set. Sadly I ran out of money for a new putter or fairway woods. Those will be my next purchases.

Another cool thing is, during the game with the Ice Queen, I have sunk a 9.8 M putt! Beat the course record too1 Well time its time for a break from writing as my entire body aches and I can’t tell if it’s my Wii Golf, flu or from carrying my son. Well until next time, do take care.

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