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Wife defeats Tiger in his own game!

I love this report! It’s a perfect end to my very tiring day.

WINDERMERE, FL — Despite a valiant comeback by Tiger Woods, a chip-in birdie on the ninth hole gave Elin Nordegren a one-shot victory over her husband late Tuesday night in Wii Sports Golf, ending his winning streak and breaking up his perfect season.

Nordegren led by as many as four shots, and held a three-shot lead going into the seventh hole before Tiger turned up the pressure.

“He definitely has a flare for the dramatic,” Nordegren said. “He birdied the seventh and eighth holes, and came a few inches away from getting an eagle on the ninth. But I’d been practicing my short game all day, and I knew as soon as he settled for birdie it was my match to lose.”

Nordegren added that while Tiger’s five-tournament win streak has gotten the most press, his success has not been limited to the PGA Tour. According to Nordegren, Woods had not lost a single Wii Sports contest in three months prior to Tuesday’s dramatic finish, and has enjoyed similar success in Scrabble and Monopoly.

“We’ve had to cancel game night the last couple of weeks,” she said. “Tiger’s been on such a roll, none of our friends are willing to challenge him in anything.”

Nordegren said she hoped her victory was a sign of things to come. “Look, I love Tiger, but he really needed to be taken down a peg or two.”

Woods was understandably angry after his loss, and did not take much time to speak with reporters. While he was reluctant to make excuses, he did point out that in all fairness he had just finished an actual golf tournament, while Elin spent the entire weekend playing video games.

Via: Serious Sports News Network

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