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Who wants to improve their Golf Swing?

Now you and I can do it too! He-heh it is not by playing more on the Wii but by actually playing it virtually. B. Alexis Castorri, a sports psychologist, writes:

But besides putting the time in on the range, are you aware that you can also create body memory, muscle memory by simply practising/visualizing your shots in your mind?? Your muscles don’t know you’re not actually on the range or course hitting live balls!!

Here’s what I mean, and here is how to do Virtual Golf: Dedicate 5-10 minutes each day for this mental exercise.

1. Sit or lie down somewhere quiet with no interruptions.
2. Count backwards from 10 to 1.
3. Simply close your eyes and pretend/visualize a large TV screen deep inside you ( try to place the TV screen down in your belly).
4. ‘See’ yourself on range/course hitting balls.
5. Now go through a practice warm up, just like you would do on the range, go through all your clubs in the order you normally do, about 5-10 each…..irons, wedges, driver, putter, etc.
6. See/feel yourself making each swing ( I say ‘see’ or ‘feel’ because some golfers are highly visual, others are ‘feel’ oriented). Commit to each shot, and since you’re only in your mind, make each shot perfect.
7. Now if you choose, play a virtual hole from tee to green, including seeing yourself surveying each shot, calculating for wind, lie, slope, etc……Make this as real as possible. Take a bunker shot, a slippery downhill putt, etc.
8. When you feel as if you’ve warmed up every aspect of your game, count forwards from 1 to 10 and open your eyes.

Via: Mental Golf

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