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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Cheats

Not a lot available but here they are:

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Unlock sponsorship items and players. : At the menu, select “Options” and the “Passwords”.
[Password > Effect]
SnakeKing > Acquire all Cobra gear
THREE STRIPES > Unlock all Adidas items.
SHOJIRO > Unlock all Bridgestone items.
JUST SHAFTS > Unlock all Grafalloye items.
INTHEGAME > Unlock all Level 3 EA Sports items.
MACTEC > Unlock all Macgergor items.
RIHACHINRZO > Unlock all Mizuno items.
JUSTDOIT > Unlock all Nike items.
JANNARD > Unlock all Oakley items.
LIGHTNING > Unlock all PGA Tour items.
SOLHEIM > Unlock all Ping items.
GAMEFACE > Unlock all players in team play.
GUYS ARE GOOD > Unlock all Precept items.
MR ADAMS > Unlock all Taylormade items.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
Game Cheat Passwords: Enter the following by choosing “Passwords” from the “options” menu. When you press enter, you’ll hear a unique sound if you’ve entered them correctly. (If you can’t hear the confirmation sound, turn down the in game music to make it more noticeable.)
[Password > Effect]
PROSHOP > All Clubs Unlocked
GAMEFACE > Unlock All Golfers
NOTJUSTTIRES > Unlock Bridgestone Items
THREESTRIPES > Unlock Buick Items
CLEVELAND > Unlock Cleveland Golf Items
SNAKEKING > Unlock Cobra Items
INTHEGAME > Unlock EA Items
JUSTSHAFTS > Unlock Grafalloy Items
JLINDEBERG > Unlock J.Lindeberg Items
RIHACHINRIZO > Unlock Mizuno Items
JUSTDOIT > Unlock Nike Items
GUYSAREGOOD > Unlock Precept Items

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play
Passwords: Enter on the Password screen, you will hear a unique sound when entered correctly.
[Password > Effect]
1) CEPHALUS > Big Head Spectator Mode
2) SWOOSH > nike items unlocked
3) THREESTRIPES > Unlock the Adidas sponsored items
4) BERTHA > Unlock the Calloway sponsored items

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
Enter in the password section in the options menu.

[Password > Effect]
1) eltigre > Unlocks TW Golf items in pro shop

Enjoy! Compiled from Games FAQs.

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