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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is on the way with Hank Haney in Tow!


Rejoice! EA sports has announced that Tiger Woods PGA 09 will be released this summer! I hope they really fix the swing problems! Also guess what? Tiger’s coach Hank Haney will be around to give you in game tips. That is very cool.

EA has formally announced via a press release that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is on the way for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP and Nintendo Wii.

For the first time, the game will feature Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’ personal coach. Haney will assist gamers as they hit the links and will provide feedback based on a player’s performance after a round. Online play has also been reworked and will contain the ability for up to four players to play each hole at the same time.

“Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09 is the most authentic golf video game on the market, and we’re excited to bring an immersive experience to the masses,” said Executive Producer Mike Taramykin. “Our partnership with Hank Haney provides fans immediate coaching from one of the top minds in golf. This year’s game brings unprecedented levels of customisation and control, allowing seasoned vets and first time players ‘inside the ropes’ of TOUR golf.”

Also accordingly to QJ.net:

Also thrown into the package is the integration of EA Sports’ GamerNet system into the game for online play, sporting an easy-to-use interface. The GamerNet system also includes daily leaderboards, as well as various challenges that gamers of all playing styles can try out.

Another online play enhancement is Simultaneous Play, which basically lets four players play a hole at the same time. This improvement will definitely make golf rounds even faster, adding an element of frantic gameplay.

I think it is time to upgrade from Tiger Woods 07, dont’ you think? Do stay tuned to WiiGolf.net for more Wii golfing news!

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[…] know we last reported that Hank Haney was going to be in Tiger Woods PGA 09, but we had no information on the swing mechanics for the […]

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Hank Haney on this game is useless as hell, I like standing behind trees and trying to make his shots with EVERY club at EVERY possible angle yet he will NEVER tell you how to correct your problem he only offers the comment about how you were close and you should try again. Next game if he’s in it let the player try a few swings then have Hank say ” How about trying this club..” or something.

Comment by K. Leamen — November 25, 2008 @ 4:03 am

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