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Tiger Woods 09 PGA Game play Videos!

Check out some tasty Tiger Woods 09 PGA Game play videos from Wii Fan boy.

Teeing off with Tiger! Graphics look damn good and crisp. It looks like they brought back the Green grid plane that makes it easy to track the lie. Also it seems there is a power bar that allows you to track the power of your putting stroke. Nice.

Some great shots to showcase the new one to one ratio swing. You can now stop mid swing, or for example, at the top of your back swing. Reminds me of Golf 101 class! The chip/flop shot looks fixed as well. However that ability to stop on that back stroke to control your power does concerns me on the realism factor, but I guess the choice is up to the player.

Finally the new party mode with mini games for all to play. The ball tug, where players can influence the flight path of golf shots looks fun.

I am going to get it for sure! Now I just have to wait for that PAL translation to get done. BAH!

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