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Tiger Woods 08: Game Play Updates

According to the recent August 07 edition of Australia Hyper magazine, there are some new features added to TW 08 for the Wii that is worth noting and potentially an upgrade if you, like me, already have TW 07.

We already know that the 2 big enhancements from the TW 07, the inclusion of the “photo-face” and online networking, is nothing to really shout about. Again, notice I’ve used the term online networking NOT online play.

But it seems that the developers have took noticed and improved some of the current game play issues of TW 07:

The game’s developers have placed more focus on the technical aspects of a good golf shot, with improved fade and draw mechanics and a new “player confidence” feature. Weather conditions are also expected to play a bigger role than in previous versions of the game, adding an extra level of challenge for experience players.

I hope they got rid of that nasty “phantom swing” issue and that awful “juggling” of the Wii “numchuck” to give your ball spin. If so, that is a good enough reason for an upgrade if you ask me.

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