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The Golfer’s Guide to Mastering Tiger Woods PGA 07: Part 1

Part 1: General in Game Mechanics

Part 1 of this guide basically sets the background frame work for the rest of this guide. It explains the different aspects of the video game’s mechanics and how that relates to your real golf swing. I will also try to keep the parts of the guide short so it is easily readable and you can be done in a few minutes.

How real is EA Tiger Woods PGA 07 when compared to real Golf?
I have to say, that the game developers have done a great job with the game’s swing mechanics. My estimate is that its about 85% there. This basically means if you golf swing is good, you get good shots, and if you suck in your swing, like me, your shots will be wide.

However the reality of this game is that no matter what, you will have to accept that it is still a virtual simulation. And like in all simulations there are a few things in a golf swing that cannot be reproduce.

The big one is the feel you get when you hit a sweet spot shot and the accompanying vibrations of the ball striking your club head. Thus this “feeling” will be lacking and a few golfers that I have let try the game cant seem to get use to it. It would have been nice for the Wii remote to vibrate (rumble) at the point of impact, then at least you would know which part of the swing you are at when you contact the ball.

Another problem is that the Wii Remote is not a golf club. It lacks the weight and balance of a real club. But if you remember you golf lessons starting out with a stick to get your swing right, then I think we can adapt with this as well.

Swing Plane
One of the things that the game and the Wii remote’s motion sensor senses very well is your swing plane. This is vital to a good swing. Having a good flat swing plane, means you will get good consistent straight shots. If you can keep this going well you generally do well in the game, this is the same principle on the golf green as well.

Swing Tempo
The rate and smoothness of your swing (or Swing Tempo) is one of the biggest reasons why you get poor shots in this game. The Wii Remote’s motion sensor is so efficient that your swing needs to be very smooth for it to do well (almost lazy like). Sounds like a real golf swing does it not? A fast and jerky back swing causes the remote to sense a change in direction too early resulting in a low powered hit. Furthermore, from my experience, it does not matter which direction or how you swing, the remote takes every stop in movement as the end of a swing step.

In fact you could swing the Wii remote, one handed like a bowling ball, or even horizontally like a base ball bat. You could even swing it forward then backward, or even perpendicular to the intended direction of travel of your virtual ball. It all cases the system will execute a perfect swing if the swing is smooth and the swing plane is flat.

However this does defeat the purpose of this game as a simulator if you are not swinging the Wii remote like you would a golf club.


All right, enough from me for today, please do stay tuned to the next instalment, where we will continue the discussion of the realities of the swing mechanics of this game.

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