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Sega Splash Golf

Yet another casual golf game filled with notable game console characters. I wonder if this is a good thing for the sport. Making it more accessible perhaps? It is probably fun, but I’ll likely stick to my Tiger Woods PGA instead.

Will Sonic be the only cameo in Sega’s casual golf game? No way. Other family friendly Sega characters take weekend jobs as caddies like NiGHTS and Opa-Opa (i.e. the ship from Fantasy Zone).

The concept art hints Tails, Ulala and the Puyo Puyos will play some role in the game. Who else can Sega add as a caddy for Sega Splash Golf? Well, Sega Superstars Tennis had Alex Kidd so anyone is possible. If Sega can profit from a cute version of the Magician from the House of the Dead as paid downloadable content you can bet he will be in there. I’m looking forward to seeing odd additions like Ristar… and crossing my fingers for an eventual console port. Regardless of the influx of mascot golf games on the Wii, this is a perfect fit for Nintendo’s console.

Via: Siliconera

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