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Reviews of Tiger Woods 08 are as expected, between Average and Good

Well it seems to be out in the US beginning of Sept 1, so we are a few days late. Here is the general outlook:

Games Spot: Score 7.0, Good

Tiger Woods 07 for the Wii made a good first impression. Now, just six months later, the series is back for another go in the form of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. Once again, it’s a good game, but like you’d expect from a sequel that follows its predecessor by just six months, it’s only a slight improvement over Tiger 07.

Source: Game Spot’s Tiger Woods 08 PGA Review

1up: Score 6.5, Average

Yes, the swing system has been improved in the Wii version, with many of the inconsistencies of last year’s version smoothed out. And while adjusting power is still out of whack — I needed to swing practically in slow motion to hit a shot at anything less than 110 percent — the correlation between the movement of the Wii Remote and your onscreen avatar’s swing is much closer. But this version is so deficient in essentially every other way that even this can’t give it an edge over the utterly uninspired PS2 version.

Source: 1Up’s Tiger Woods 08 PGA Review

Game Spy: Score 4/5, Good

Everything about EA Sports’ new Tiger Woods 08 is bigger and better than it was in 07.

Source: Game Spy’s Review

Game Revolution: Score “C”, 50%

It feels as though every single idea pitched for how to update Tiger Woods Pro Tour 08 somehow all got approved, regardless of merit. Instead of refining the fundamentals, the title concentrates on unedited excess that doesn’t blend well with a realistic golf game. Though it’s the best example of the potential for a Wii-based golf game, potential is still the operative word. If I had a choice, I would rather watch angry people play golf.

Source: Game Revolution’s Review

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