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January 11, 2009

Why we should Wii Golf?

Why we should Wii Golf? It’s safer!

Golf buggy sticker

Sorry for the long break in blogging. I had a very busy year-end with little time to enjoy my golf on and off the green. However I did managed to get on the green over the holiday season. So I’ll leave u with a little nugget that I saw on my golf cart.

Happy new year Wii golfers!

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October 28, 2008

Laugh out Loud Wii lifestyle Photos : Golf

Us Wii Golfers don’t look that bad eh?

Via: Infendo

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August 23, 2008

Tiger Woods PGA 09 Trailer – Walk on Water!

You heard of the so called glitch on Tiger Woods 08, where Tiger takes a shot standing on water? Well now you can see it for real! EA, in response to the viral video, created an official Tiger Woods PGA 09 trailer called Walk on Water! Check out Tiger in action. He is that good!

If you missed the original viral video by Levinator25, do check it out below as well!

That is using social media for you!

Edit: Here are a few more great trailers and game play videos for you!

The new 1 to 1 swing with the developers.

Official E3 Presentation

Club Tuner feature

Hank gives you tips!

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August 8, 2008

Tiger Woods PGA 09, Out this Month!

Just a gentle reminder, that Tiger Woods PGA 09 will be out this month. According to Gamespot, it will be launched August 26 in North America, and August 29 in Europe to be exact.

So it looks like us PAL owners will not t have to wait that long for our copy!

I wait with bated breath!

EDIT: Tiger plugs the game in his August newsletter from TigerWoods.com

Later this month, we’re going to launch our new video game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. We’ve made some exciting changes, like the new “true one-to-one golf swing,” that I really think you’re going to like. In fact, the game just recently won the Best Sports Game of E3 2008 for the Wii. ~ Tiger Woods

Get well soon Tiger, we miss you!

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The Wii Improves your Real Golf game, Honest!

play golf, I’m lousy at it, but I play golf. The main reason to why I haven’t really improved, a least I think so, is that I only play 3-5 times a year. The last couple of years I have played to a handicap around 48, which I’m not entirely satisfied with.

But in november 2007 we got a Nintendo Wii at work, so people can play in their lunchbreak and after work. I have played a lot of golf on the Wii, and on the Wii like in real life, I have a really bad slice. So game after game on the Wii, during the winter, I have tried to correct this slice, and I have succeeded. So a little month a go, when I was out playing my first real game of golf this year, to my big surprise, I did in real life as I did on the Wii, and my slice was almost gone. Now I have played a couple of more games, and each time to a handicap around 40 and almost without slicing. With this in mind, I have played a lot of Golf on the Wii for the last week, to prepare for the next game of real golf, which will be on sunday. This time I have focused on controlling my swing speed, to be more persistent. Hopefully It pays off.

Looks like there is evidence that Wii Golf does help your real golf game! Best of luck Bo and let us know how it goes.

Via: Bo Henriksens’s Weblog

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