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Nintendo Wii Remote used to control military robots

Scientists have adopted the remote controller from the Nintendo Wii games console to operate military robots, according to a new report.

The “Wiimote” control system detects the controllers’ movement in three dimensions using wireless technology. It is used to detect players’ motion on games from golf and tennis to shoot-em-ups and fighting simulators.

Now two scientists in the US have adopted the technology for real-life warfare, New Scientist reported.

David Bruemmer and Douglas Few, from the US Department of Energy centre in Idaho, have adopted a mine-clearing robot to be directed by the Wii controller.

The Packbot, used by the US military, disposes of bombs and can even carry a machine gun.

The scientists found traditional controllers took up too much of the operator’s attention.

But they found using the Wiimote was more instinctive, allowing them to concentrate on the data the robot gathered.

The scientists also plan to use the Apple iPhone for military use.

They say it could replace the laptops carried by soldiers to receive data from the robots.

Looks like they can do more than just swing a golf club?

Via: The Press Association

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