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How to win at Wii Golf

Strangely in a game as simple and dumbed down as Wii Golf, I have found a few hardcore WiiGolfers that are have tried to better and master the game.

Our first article is written by Ramblings from the Marginalized and it focuses on the mechanics of the game, and looks to me targeted towards the non-golfer or the golfing novice. Here are some of his tips:

Practice, practice, practice! Take your time on this step and make some practice swings until you are comfortable with the power meter reading on your swing. nothing ruins a game faster than swinging cold.

Putting is the trickiest part of the game. you do not want to use the normal swinging method but instead just use your wrist. A little bit of a wrist motion should sink most balls without sending your power meter into the red!


For a harder game hold down the 2nd button when selecting the mode and the power meter, map and wind gauge will be disabled!

This next article is written by Eric Sink, focuses a little more (in fact a lot more) on the Green beating strategy and not too much on the technical aspects of the swing. To me that’s one of my favorite aspects of golfing on the green. Figuring out in your head on the best strategies how to beat that bunker! If you don’t believe him check out his score:

That is the best Wii Golf 9 Hole score I have seen so far! Great stuff Eric.

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i have a high score of 12, but know it’s possible, thru other single great holes i’ve gotten, to beat this score by much more. an eagle on the first hole, a hole in one on the second, a double eagle on the third, a hole in one on the fourth, a double eagle on the fifth, an eagle on the sixth, an eagle on the seventh, a hole in one on the ninth, and a double eagle on the ninth, which i have gotten by going to the island on the far left. i don’t remember the beginning wind speed, but i found one start gave me nothing but good winds thru out the entire game. that’s the wind you’ll want to look for. a problem i’ve come across is with the first hole. that’s where the person before you can click once, twice.. whatever.. being right beside your ball on the fairway. when you try to duplicate their turn, taking into consideration any slight variance that you figure is needed, it doesn’t work. it’s as if the hole has moved. also have found that sometimes, where you start off on this fairway, you can remain without clicking and get the ball into the green cup. you might figure you can follow the same process the next time you land on the fairway of the first hole with the same wind speed, but this is not true. i’m wondering if not needing to move the ball has anything to do with how many yards remain to get into the green’s hole. for example.. if you land on the fairway, 100 yards from the hole.. is that the mark where you don’t have to click in either direction to get the ball into the green’s hole, if you hit the ball precisely right? if anyone knows of any trick regarding hold one and how the hole seems to move from player to player, i would appreciate hearing from them on this site. i’ve played this hole from the fairway without clicking in either direction with zero wind and have found to be approx. two clicks off, in either direction. i realize that the green has bumps, but addressing this hole from the fairway at zero wind, with the same amount of speed, i would think i could duplicate my hit.

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