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Fantastic Motion Controller Replacement for the Wii Remote

motus corporation

Motus Games, a subsidiary of Motus Corporation, has developed the Darwin Controller of which they tout is the future of Motion Based Entertainment, and the natural evolution of the Wii Controller. Using their R&D experience in developing motion sensing gear used in Golf (Used by the Pros!) and Medial applications, the Darwin Controller is apparently a lot more refined in the sensing of your motion thus giving you true 6 degrees of freedom.

The product is perfect for us Wii Golfers hungry for a much better and more accurate motion sensing remote controller that does not screw up our swing. We want a “…realistic controller so that it helps, rather than harms, real-life game play…” when we head back on to the golf course. Apparently the controller works very well with Tiger Woods PGA 08, so it looks like that it is not a problem with the software but a problem with the Wii controller hardware!

Via: Design Sojourn

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