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Elderly Golfing Indoors with the Wii!

PHOTO:AFP, via Taipei Times

Erickson Retirement Communities, which runs the complex, has installed 25 Wii machines around Riderwood to encourage social interaction and exercising among the seniors.

“I love it,” said Elaine Fowler, 82, a fiercely competitive player who gets around in a motorized wheelchair. “I’m here since day one. I feel really good when I get a strike and a spare.”

Every week, some 20 retirees gather to play one of Wii’s sports games, in which players holding a wireless controller swing their arms to simulate a volleyball return, a virtual boxing punch, or a baseball bat swing.

At a recent battle for bowling supremacy, opposing teams gathered around two screens set up side by side as team members took turns “rolling” the bowling ball down a virtual lane to knock down as many pins as possible.

While bowling is the most popular virtual sport among Riderwood residents, golf and baseball are also strong, as are fishing and boxing competitions.

“We had a group of ladies who did a boxing session, and a 90-year-old lady got a knock out!” said Earl Davis, 73, a complex resident who comes out to cheer on competitors.

Via: Taipei Times

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