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May 6, 2008

Nintendo Wii’s Dirty Little Secret

But behind the success of the Wii lies a dirty secret, says GameFunk: That very few quality games are being made for the console. In fact, if you look at the aggregate reviews, most of the games suck. Sure, Wii has some standout titles (Super Mario Galaxy is a classic, one of my favorite games […]

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May 5, 2008

Vitual Golf Bars Hot in Japan!

I would love to have a go! Cries of “Nice shot!” greet the satisfying ping of club against ball as Takashi Ochiai gets his round off to a perfect start. His opponents’ magnanimity could be simple sportsmanship, but it’s more likely to be the effects of the cold beers they are gulping as they track […]

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is on the way with Hank Haney in Tow!

Rejoice! EA sports has announced that Tiger Woods PGA 09 will be released this summer! I hope they really fix the swing problems! Also guess what? Tiger’s coach Hank Haney will be around to give you in game tips. That is very cool. EA has formally announced via a press release that Tiger Woods PGA […]

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