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June 12, 2011

Segway X2 for the Golf Geek!

Contains a scorecard holder, bag carrier, and all terrain low pressure tires, the Segway X2 will take your typical 4 hours 18 hole run down to under 3 hours. It will set you back $8000 though. I’ll take the buggy anytime, thanks.

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January 28, 2010

Awesome iPhone Golf Swing Analyzer

If you have gone for golf coaching, you would have likely got your golf swing analyzed by getting it video taped.

Now you can do it anytime with this super cool iPhone Golf Swing Analyzer app that leverages on the iPhone video capability. Not sure how well it works but check it out at iSwing.

Also check out the Youtube video of the App:

Pretty full featured and functional.

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July 9, 2009

It’s Official: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is the Best Golf Game on the Wii!


Check out the official reviews from the big boys gathered here for your reading pleasure:

“Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for Wii is the definitive golf game. It’s filled to the top with content, sports spectacular controls enhanced by MotionPlus, and includes great Disc Golf and online modes. Seriously, this is an amazing package made all the better by the peripheral pack- in. Just as impressive, though, is that this year’s effort is so intuitively enjoyable that it has, in my experience, transcended the golf category altogether to become one of those rare Wii games that I will confidently recommend to anybody. Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Boom Blox and now Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 — these are all games that are spectacular because of the very technology that makes Wii great. Like Wii Sports, Woods 10 could not be made as well for any other system. Get out there and support this excellent sequel — a standout effort that will surely be in competition for sports game of the year” ~ IGN : 9.0


“Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 has turned last year’s great near-miss into an all-time classic. Improved motion-control support, more game features, and expanded online modes make it incredibly immersive and authentic. Golf games just don’t get any better than this.

Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii is as close as you can get to a golf course without paying green fees.” ~ Gamespot : 9.0


“With the addition of MotionPlus, Woods 10 on the Wii is a fantastic golfing videogame, besting its console counterparts because of its control options, extra courses, party game modes, and Frolf. Not to mention, it’s casual friendly for anyone to play, but with enough difficulty options for the hardcore to stay interested. It’s almost hard to imagine it getting better than this for the foreseeable future.” ~ 1UP : 91/100


Enjoy the Video!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Wii MotionPlus Walkthrough

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Cheats

Not a lot available but here they are:

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Unlock sponsorship items and players. : At the menu, select “Options” and the “Passwords”.
[Password > Effect]
SnakeKing > Acquire all Cobra gear
THREE STRIPES > Unlock all Adidas items.
SHOJIRO > Unlock all Bridgestone items.
JUST SHAFTS > Unlock all Grafalloye items.
INTHEGAME > Unlock all Level 3 EA Sports items.
MACTEC > Unlock all Macgergor items.
RIHACHINRZO > Unlock all Mizuno items.
JUSTDOIT > Unlock all Nike items.
JANNARD > Unlock all Oakley items.
LIGHTNING > Unlock all PGA Tour items.
SOLHEIM > Unlock all Ping items.
GAMEFACE > Unlock all players in team play.
GUYS ARE GOOD > Unlock all Precept items.
MR ADAMS > Unlock all Taylormade items.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
Game Cheat Passwords: Enter the following by choosing “Passwords” from the “options” menu. When you press enter, you’ll hear a unique sound if you’ve entered them correctly. (If you can’t hear the confirmation sound, turn down the in game music to make it more noticeable.)
[Password > Effect]
PROSHOP > All Clubs Unlocked
GAMEFACE > Unlock All Golfers
NOTJUSTTIRES > Unlock Bridgestone Items
THREESTRIPES > Unlock Buick Items
CLEVELAND > Unlock Cleveland Golf Items
SNAKEKING > Unlock Cobra Items
INTHEGAME > Unlock EA Items
JUSTSHAFTS > Unlock Grafalloy Items
JLINDEBERG > Unlock J.Lindeberg Items
RIHACHINRIZO > Unlock Mizuno Items
JUSTDOIT > Unlock Nike Items
GUYSAREGOOD > Unlock Precept Items

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play
Passwords: Enter on the Password screen, you will hear a unique sound when entered correctly.
[Password > Effect]
1) CEPHALUS > Big Head Spectator Mode
2) SWOOSH > nike items unlocked
3) THREESTRIPES > Unlock the Adidas sponsored items
4) BERTHA > Unlock the Calloway sponsored items

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
Enter in the password section in the options menu.

[Password > Effect]
1) eltigre > Unlocks TW Golf items in pro shop

Enjoy! Compiled from Games FAQs.

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July 8, 2009

Tiger Woods on Video Game Realism and Knowing Your Customers

Tiger Woods talks about his love for video games as well as his thoughts on EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. (OH MY! 10 is out, and I have not really got into 09 completely!) Check out the snippet below on his comment on the Nintendo Wii version. I had hope he would say a little more.

When the Wii version of the game came out, Woods welcomed a controller that players swing like a golf club, but he saw room for improvement. “It was too easy,” he says. “If you rotated the [club] face, nothing happened. Now if you rotate your wrists, it changes your shot. The ball goes to the right if you under-rotate, which is what happens in a golf swing.”

Check out the full write up via: Fast Company

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